Writing papers and essays is a common part of college education for most students from the USA and the UK, according to statistics, although they can meet complications while trying to do this task for the first time. International students can have difficulties with free and fluent academic writing in English, although scientific writing is a separate complex discipline that can trick even more experienced people. However, college papers are not the most complicated task to accomplish. It is relatively easy to become an expert in writing them – of course, if the student is ready to take several valuable pieces of advice.

Try to start writing your paper in advance

It may sound boring, but it’s true: having a sufficient amount of time before the deadline is better for productivity of a writer than trying to fit a 10-page paper into 5 hours before the final deadline when you have to submit it to the professor. So, take your time and plan ahead – you know your pace of writing better than anyone else, but the following scheme can be helpful:

  • day for preparation and sources search
  • one or two days for writing the paper from scratch
  • day of break
  • the final day for the paper review and correction of mistakes

If you start writing the paper in a hurry and aim only to finish it before the deadline, errors are more probable, as you do not have enough time to review it and correct small mistakes that can worsen the overall impression.

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Select your sources carefully

The foundation of academic writing is the choice of sources, as most students start from studying other specialists’ works in their field before starting their experimental path. The first and the most common requirement for academic sources is their credibility and reliability, so the student needs to find sources from journals with peer reviews. These journals use specific search engines, including Google Scholar, ScienceDirect, or Web of Science, developed by academic companies. Although their use isn’t much more complicated than using a typical search engine, students need time to become familiar with these engines and start swimming through the sea of scientific journals. However, this skill will be good assistance for most courses that include writing academic papers and argumentative essays.

Formatting is equally essential for producing a custom paper and referencing sources correctly. Professors usually specify their formatting requirements in emails, on the course page, and in assignment files, so be sure to check them carefully before starting writing. Various citation-generating services help students cite their sources correctly, but the key feature for their successful use is attentiveness. If you choose the wrong format, it is always possible to correct the reference page (of course, if you have found this out before sending the written paper). Still, no one is happy about spending another hour changing the format of references and in-text citations, so it is better to check it before and avoid unnecessary corrections in advance.

Check your grammar, spelling, and style

This is another apparent yet important piece of advice that students can miss due to its obviousness. Grammar and spelling are essential as they demonstrate the student’s ability to formulate their thoughts correctly and make an effort to write an understandable personalized paper. Professor’s attitude to minor typos depends on their strictness and overall impression from the paper. One tiny typo in the paper with clear organization, relevant sources, and professional style will not dramatically worsen a student’s mark. Yet, it is better to be cautious in advance than to receive corrections from the professor, so an online spell checker website is a valuable tool for writers who want to improve the paper quality.

Most universities have their stylistic guidelines for students, so consultation with them can help you understand which writing style is expected from your papers and how you need to structure your essay to sound professional. However, general requirements remain more or less the same across the world: try not to make sentences too long or write a page-length paragraph, and keep your thoughts understandable for the reader. Besides, the student should choose the paper structure based on their arguments and position on the question discussed. The simplest sequence of final corrections for the paper can look as follows:

  • grammar (correct minor errors)
  • spelling (check typos or unknown terms that you are not sure about)
  • style (try to make it less familiar, but keep it simple at the same time)

Of course, practice is as vital in this area as in any other activity. Firstly, checking academic papers can take time and be even longer than paper writing itself, but the more papers you correct, the more professional you become with it, and the quality of your writing rises respectively.

Finally, writing college papers is not as hard as students who have met this assignment type for the first time may think. It is good to start the paper in advance and avoid writing it right before the deadline, as you do not have enough time to check it. Besides, academic papers need a careful choice of reliable sources and their proper formatting. They have to stick to the stylistic requirements of academic writing and balance between formal and precise, yet understandable writing style. Careful planning and preparation make the writing of top-quality research papers a totally possible task.