What do education and traveling both have in common? They are becoming more and more accessible to people each year. And certainly, both of them contribute to expanding your worldview. Ever thought about a life-changing experience far away from your home? If the answer is yes, study abroad programs shall become your best friend. Check out the list of benefits below to find out whether traveling and learning at the same time is the right thing for you!


It’s worth noting that this point is especially important for students from 3rd world countries or simply areas with no world-renowned universities. If you are in this situation, you might appreciate the benefits of studying abroad the most. Lots of essay examples on this topic can be found from students coming from less privileged countries. This one goes without saying. If knowledge and skill are your #1 priority – all the doors are open for you. Whether you want engineering, science or arts, the possibilities are endless. Western Europe, Asia, or maybe Ivy League in the States? If you are a top-scoring student, you are probably a right fit.

Find New Interests

If you want to enjoy your university life to the fullest, additional classes and workshops are a must. Not only can you pick up a new hobby, but also make outstanding friends who share your interests. And what better way to socialize in a new environment than through mutual activities? Choose from a variety of interests – sports, games, creativity, or even partying and traveling the city. Whatever it is, plenty of fun is sure to be had while getting to know new people and sharing your skills at the same time.

Personal Development

For many young people, this type of students education might be their very first time living without the presence of their parents. What’s the result? Taking care of yourself and being responsible for a long period of time, which often results in becoming more mature on such trips. …And if the ‘responsibility’ part doesn’t sound too appealing, you are still on your own to study abroad and can finally enjoy the freedom!

Find Job Opportunities Abroad

Once you get to know your new environment, this might be the result. This point might be especially true if you are a diligent student. Your professors might notice the hard work you put in and recommend you to their colleagues, or simply lead your career in the right direction. Or you might end up working with other students you’ve met. Whatever the case, be prepared – you might end up liking your new home so much, you will never want to go back! Especially if the pay is good, and you get to enjoy the life you’ve always wanted!

Life Experience

This ties back to all the other reasons why you should study abroad. It might be the biggest adventure of your life and at first seem like a big commitment, but looking back it will be so worth it! All the great lessons to be learnt, the cool people you could meet and the interesting places you should visit! Moreover, this might be the very last chance you have before you turn into a real adult… Why not take it? The experience of having to adapt to a new environment is sure to create a strong character.


Time is running out and this might be your last call to experience the most fulfilling period in your education. You might be thinking: “There are so many uncertainties and everything will be unknown.” And you are completely right… But that’s the way every learning process goes: The very first time you do something, you’re full of stress and hesitation. But afterwards? Feels totally normal and just right. The same applies to studying away from home and family.

Now you know all the key reasons why to study abroad. The next step? Pick the right destination and pack your stuff! What are you waiting for? The whole world awaits!

P.S. If you’re on the less extraverted side of the spectrum, why not encourage a friend to join? This way you could enjoy a new experience while still having someone you know around.