Students like to simplify their life with gadgets today. Still, it is challenging to manage homework with your phone at hand because of various distractions. We recommend turning off unnecessary notifications and focus on your study with the help of reliable mobile applications. In our article, you will find ten software that will increase your studying productivity and help you to gain new knowledge.

1. EssayShark

Such essay writing app as is a beneficial software for students who need to increase their knowledge on any subject. If you don’t know how to organize your paper or have a challenging topic to write about, just leave a request in this app and choose the best matching writer for your needs. Ask what you want to improve in your text or get help from scratch. The writer provides you with high-quality research and finds relevant sources to cite in your academic paper.

2. Photomath

Math students can benefit from this tremendous app, where they can take pictures of equations and get instant solutions on screen. You can find the relevant answer to your math questions and prepare correct calculations for your class. Get solving steps and learn more on how you can resolve the task with well-designed written answers. Animated tutorials will help you to analyze complex problems and find an easy way out. Moreover, you can get solutions not only in algebra but also in geometry, statistics, and calculus.

3. Google Classroom

This is an essential digital organizer for every student who wants to manage their educational schedule. Track your classes and don’t miss anything! Stay connected to your class even if you study remotely. It is great to be a part of your team and save connection even when out of the class. Get assignments, join the virtual classroom, and share your documents within the team no matter what.

4. Evernote

If you are looking for a great writing tool, download Evernote and save your time! Organize all of your writings in one place and share them with various groups of people. It is beneficial if you are working on the same project with your class. Add files, notes, documents, links, and other sources to use later on for your assignments.

5. RefME

Students often need to include references in their academic projects correctly. With RefME, they will never be mixed up on how to follow formatting guidelines. Just scan a book’s bar-code with your camera and get citation formatted in MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, or any format you use to add in the reference’s list instantly.

6. Google Docs

Obviously, it is one of the most frequently used writing apps among students. It is free and allows you to work both in offline and online modes. Moreover, you can save your time significantly by recording voice and transform it into text. Edit it right into the program and save it in one of the applicable formats. Google Docs supports various popular text formats so that you can save your document as .PDF or. DOCX to your device and share via email or messengers.

7. Office Lens

With this app, you can easily snap the file from any source (book, other screen, blackboards, or your workbook) and get transcribed text to your phone. Use Office Lens for various purposes: while working on an assignment or converting images to shareable text. Some students transform receipts to digital text too to calculate the price effortlessly.


Every mobile gadget has more possibilities than posting for social media or chatting with friends in messengers. If you are looking to simplify your college life, you can always benefit from one of these study-related apps. When all of them suit you, add them to your phone and better focus on the studying process.