Free online education is a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge without leaving your home and without spending a penny on it. Distance learning helps both to master a new profession for oneself and to improve qualifications in an existing one.

Can You Get a Special Education Master’s Degree Online & How

Today there are many online resources where you can get an education remotely in any discipline. You need to find trusted sources where training will be effective, useful, and time will not be wasted. The article provides a selection of the most noteworthy projects where the student can learn and get a Master’s degree.

Why do you need online training, and what does it give?

Even ten years ago, distance learning was something unattainable; today, online learning is a worthy competitor to the traditional education system. You can take training at any age and in any discipline. There are many services on the Internet that offer to master a particular profession remotely.

But you must remember that online training does not relieve you of the responsibilities that offline training has. For example, you are pursuing a Master’s degree in chemistry. You must do lab reports and other assignments in online learning as well. How to do my chemistry homework well? This is a common question that students ask themselves. And the answer will be the help that you can get on special services.

Both novice researchers and experienced professors turn to online education. To be a respected scientist, it is not enough to get a degree and publish a dozen articles in scientific journals. It is necessary to constantly improve your qualifications, learn new information from various fields of knowledge, and keep up with the times.

How you can get a Master’s degree in special education online

On the Internet, you can find many sites offering remote education in any specialty and profession, but can you trust everyone? We have prepared a selection of popular online platforms where every graduate student, researcher, and scientist will find something valuable and useful for themselves.

Academic Earth

It is a resource that contains the best lessons from teachers from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, and other leading universities in the world. On this site, you can get a special education Master’s degree online. 

University of the People

Training on the site is free, but you have to pay for the exam. The cost depends on the student’s country of residence. Completely free online education is possible with a grant. To start studying at the university, you must have a good previous education to become a Master of education in advanced teaching.


The service cooperates with educational institutions, whose teachers post their lectures and teach courses on the platform in a variety of disciplines. The duration of training is from 10 to 50 hours. Those who are undergoing training can also communicate with fellow students; exams and tests are passed directly on the site. Some universities offer bachelor’s or master’s degrees through an online platform. 

Sources where you can get knowledge before obtaining a Master’s degree

1. TED

The full name is “Technology, Entertainment, Design.” Lectures are in the form of conferences, scientists, engineers, musicians, businessmen come up with personal ideas and developments. Videos are presented in foreign languages.

2. edX

The platform is designed to provide online courses for those who want to get knowledge in the special education sphere. At the base of the web portal, there are lectures from the best universities from all over the world.

3. Khan Academy

Today it is a global educational project, and it all started with a video of a Harvard graduate on YouTube, where he told his cousin from the province of the basics of mathematics. The portal database contains over 4 thousand free videos from various fields of knowledge. Training lasts from 30 minutes to 10 hours.


The article tells about the best services where you can get useful information and a Master’s degree not only in special education but in a variety of disciplines in an accessible form. Most of the lectures are given by teachers from the world’s most prominent universities; some of them issue electronic certificates upon graduation. Choose the most suitable programs and get systematized knowledge on topics of interest at a convenient time, wherever you are.