While many college courses may have become virtual, students are still supposed to have the required materials – with that in mind, here’s a helpful list of eight websites that offer free college textbooks.

With continued concerns for safety due to COVID-19, many schools have decided to switch or continue with remote learning for the fall semester.

While many college courses may have become virtual, students are still supposed to have the required materials – with that in mind, here’s a helpful list of nine websites that offer good-quality higher education textbooks at no cost, conserving you hundreds – and probably even thousands – of dollars in the process.

FREE College Textbooks
FREE College Textbooks

Websites That Offers FREE College Textbooks

1. Bookboon

Bookboon gives a wide assortment of free textbooks for college students, with many different subjects on offer. In particular, it is an excellent source for college students pursuing STEM fields and business. 

2. OpenStax

OpenStax is an organization that Bill Gates has donated textbooks too, and is also the go-to place for college students who are just beginning on their educational journey. 

3. Open Textbook Library

Open Textbook Library caters to all principal subjects and even has a section of self-help and study success texts explicitly designed for students. Each book also has a handy rating system, as given by other users, enabling you to narrow down which textbook is best for you.

4. Saylor Academy 

Saylor Academy boasts an excellent repository of free and easily accessible textbooks. It covers a large variety of subjects, so you are bound to get something to assist you in your studies. At the same time, there are also supplemental categories for less traditional tracks, such as online marketing, social media, and public speaking.

5. IntechOpen

According to the site itself, IntechOpen has provided over 60 million downloads to users from across the globe, showing that it is one of the most trustworthy and well-used providers on the market.

6. Textbook Revolution

Textbook Revolution essentially offers textbooks aimed at STEM students, although other subjects such as business and history are also catered for. Perhaps the site’s best feature is the comfortable way to organize everything, with students able to browse textbooks either by subject, topic, or license.

7. Online Mathematics Textbooks

If you’re studying mathematics – or, indeed, any STEM fields such as engineering, chemistry, or computer science – then you might see Online Mathematics Textbooks very helpful.

8. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a broad-ranging and comprehensive library of free, readily downloadable educational texts. Numerous original publications are making it an excellent resource for humanities and art students. Textbooks are available in several languages, too, while there are also audiobooks, data compilations, and even sheet music.

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