The Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators(GACE) is a standardized test all teachers in the US state of Georgia must pass in order to teach at public schools and gain a credential. The basic skills section is divided into three parts, three multiple-choice (selected-response) sections of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics and one essay (constructed-response) portion which is part of the Writing section.

Timing is for the entire exam, so examinees may take as much time in any testing area as needed, however, the total exam time is four hours. Generally, each GACE test serves as an assessment of professional readiness, to ensure that you possess the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed (or advance) in your position at a Georgia public school. GACE assessments are generally computer-administered and are offered either all year round or during specific windows, depending on the exam.


The Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) are a system of tests administered by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC).



Follow these steps to get your teacher certification in Georgia

  • Obtain a bachelor’s degree. If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree in education you can become certified through the completion of an education certification program at an approved college.
  • Hold a 2.5 GPA if you completed your degree in the last 10 years.
  • Fulfill student teaching hours by participating in a semester-long teaching residency.
  • Achieve a passing grade on required GACE Exams including professional ethics, as well as subject and grade-level content matter.
  • Pass criminal background checks before you are allowed to teach in public or private schools in Georgia.
  • Submit the teaching certification application through the GaPSC website.
  • Pay all fees required for certification.
GACE certificate upgrade
GACE certificate upgrade

GACE Assessments

You need to take one or more GACE test if you are:

  • Applying to an educator preparation program
  • Pursuing educator certification in Georgia
  • Seeking to become highly qualified in a core academic subject
  • Practicing as a school counselor
  • Working as a teaching assistant
  • Serving as a school or district administrator such as a principal or superintendent

The GACE assessments are to help the GaPSC ensure that those pursuing admission into an educator preparation program, working toward educator certification, seeking to become highly qualified in a specific subject, or others working within Georgia’s public schools have the skills and knowledge required to perform each of these roles.

GACE Tests Basis On Educator Role

GACE Educator
GACE Educator

GACE Scores/GACE Passing Marks

GACE Passing Marks

GACE assessments are scored on a Pass/No Pass basis. Passing scores for GACE tests are different from one exam to the next. Some tests award scores on a scale of 1 to 5, while others use a scaled system that awards scores of more than 250. In addition, select exams feature a tiered passing score, meaning that the test has two different standards for two unique certification levels.

For tests that consist of multiple subtests, candidates will need to pass all sections of a test in order to satisfy certification requirements.

Marking System

In order to account for the discrepancies in test length and difficulty, GACE administrators use a scaled scoring system. This system converts a candidate’s raw score (the exact number of questions answered correctly) into a composite number that can easily be compared to other versions of the same subtest.

Assessment of (ASC-ASL)

The ASC-ASL scaling system awards scores ranging from Level 1 to 5, with 5 being the top score. In order to pass this exam, candidates must reach at least Level 3.

GACE Content Requirements

The content assessments in the GACE series employ the tiered structure. Students can earn one of two passing scores. Scores between 220-249 will result in passing at the induction level, while candidates who score 250 or more will pass at the professional level. Both the induction and professional levels satisfy certification requirements. However, candidates who pass one test at the professional level but pass the other at the induction level will have their entire exam listed as passing at the induction level. Should this happen, you may retake the subtest that you passed at the induction level in an effort to improve your score and pass the entire exam at the professional level.

Certificate Upgrade Assessments (Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Technology)

This exam does not feature a tiered system and instead includes a single passing score. Candidates will need to score at least 250 to earn a passing score on this test.

GACE Score Cards

GACE score reports are extremely detailed and include much more than just your scaled score. You can expect to find the following information in your report:

GACE score cards
GACE score cards
  • Your scaled score
  • Status (Pass/No Pass) for each subtest
  • Status (Pass/No Pass) for the overall assessment
  • Number of scored questions
  • The raw score (number of correct answers)
  • Number of scored questions in each subarea (if your test included subareas)
  • Number of questions answered correctly in each subarea

GACE Practice Test/GACE Test Dates/GACE Testing/GACE Registration

All related data are available on Official website of GACE

The expense for GACE Tests

The costs of different GACE tests vary widely, ranging from $30 to $350. Most GACE tests have the same refund, rescheduling and cancellation policies that apply to them. This article looks at the standard tests with the same general policies and then explores the costs of tests with different policies.

Standard assesses price

All standard tests discussed in this section include two administrative charges within the price:

  • $25 registration charge
  • $28 test site fee

Program Entrance Tests

You can opt to take program admission tests in different forms. The cost of a single Program Admission test is $78. A $103 fee covers the cost of taking any two Program Admission tests together. For combined Program Admission tests the fee is $128.

Content Tests

Content tests can be taken individually or combined. The cost of a single content test is $123. The fee for a mixed content test is $193.

Authentication Upgrade Tests

A $193 fee is charged for authentication Upgrade tests.

Educational Authority Test

The cost of the Educational Leadership test is $193.


Those who take any GACE tests at an international location will be required to pay an additional $50 fee.

Postpone Costs

As long as an examinee applies to change their test time, date or location by the deadline to do so, the cost is $25. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or a family emergency, it is a good idea to consider rescheduling your test to avoid the possibility of needing to pay to retake the exam.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

It’s possible to cancel your test registration and be eligible for a partial refund as long as you cancel at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled test. The cancellation fee is 50% of your test cost.

Georgia Integrity Assessments

There are entry and exit tests involved in fulfilling the ethics assessment requirements for educators and educational leaders.

The program entry and program exit tests for Georgia Educator Ethics each cost $30.

The Georgia Ethics for Educational Leadership entry and exit tests each cost $40.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

The ethics test fees are non-refundable. Cancellation isn’t possible after you have registered and paid for your exams.

Paraprofessional Assessment

The Paraprofessional Assessment test costs $38. In some cases, an additional test site fee may be charged as well. The cost of this exam is not refundable.

GACE study
GACE study

GACE Teacher Leadership Assessment

The cost of the GACE Teacher Leadership Assessment is $350. This involves submitting the tasks required for evaluation. If you need to resubmit a task the cost per task is $75.

Rescheduling & Refunds

It is possible to reschedule your assessment submission date by paying a $50 fee.

It’s possible to qualify for a partial refund of your assessment schedule costs if you request a refund by the deadline provided. There is no refund if you fail to submit your materials or do not cancel your registration by the deadline date given when you register.

Refunds for Initial Registration

$120 of your assessment fee is non-refundable. Those who cancel registration by the assigned deadline will receive a $230 refund.

Refunds for Resubmission of Tasks

Canceled resubmissions that are processed by the deadline date provided are eligible for a partial refund of $60 per task.

Who Must Take the Tests?

The GACE assessments are taken by individuals who are

  • seeking admission to an educator preparation program
  • seeking educator certification in the state of Georgia
  • seeking to become highly qualified in a core academic subject

How much does the Gace cost?

The cost of a single Program Admission test is $78. A $103 fee covers the cost of taking any two Program Admission tests together. For combined Program Admission tests the fee is $128.

What do you have to score on the GACE to pass?

Students can earn one of two passing scores. Scores between 220-249 will result in passing at the induction level, while candidates who score 250 or more will pass at the professional level.

What do I need to take the GACE test?

School administrators, such as principals or assistant principals, take the GACE Georgia Ethics For Educational Leadership Test. Individuals who are enrolled in an educational leadership preparation program must take these assessments. There are 2 parts to these tests. One is an entrance test, and one is an exit test.

What does Gace mean?

The Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators, also known as GACE (abbreviated) is a standardized test all teachers in the US state of Georgia must pass in order to teach at public schools and gain a credential.