Who does not like listening to music while working on their PC? Be it while gaming, or just catching up with your work, music is truly helpful. However, when it comes to our smartphones we have several app options that we can use to listen to the music, but finding the right app for your PC can be tricky. Therefore, we have gathered a list of the tools that you can use for downloading music onto your Windows 10. Since there are many downloaders in the market, it is difficult to select one, hence the purpose of this list.

Here you can find listed some great free music downloaders with pros and cons to aid your decision. Just ensure your internet connection is solid to download these music downloaders or these downloaders to work properly. To get one of the best internet connections, you can call Xtream Internet number to subscribe to their internet plans.

Below is the list of free music downloaders for Windows 10.

1.     Ares


  • Servers for downloading are extremely fast
  • It has a reliable and highly graphic interface


  • Sometimes it glitches

Ares software is the top MP3 downloader on the internet. If you have used Windows Media Player, it will be simple to understand all the features of this program since the operations, functions, and interface are identical to the Windows media player. The software has a built-in audio player, which means that you can play the song you downloaded or play the music that is already available.

2.     Leawo


  • Leawo downloader is easy to use
  • Supports more than 500 sites
  • It lets you record and download from multiple platforms


  • It has paid features

Leawo is considered to be a powerful app for downloading music from all sources. It retains the original quality of the music source. It can be used with various online music platforms like YouTube, Spotify, etc. The downloader can also record music. It’s a powerful tool that automatically adds music tags when recording music. The built-in library makes it simpler to locate and manage music files that have been recorded.

3.     iMusic


  • It supports more than 3,000 websites
  • It also acts as a music organizer


  • A music manager is only available to Mac users

iMusic allows free MP3 music downloads for its users. Instead of listening to music on music apps such as Spotify and iTunes and paying for subscriptions, iMusic will help you download MP3 files directly to your computer so that you can listen to them whenever you like. iMusic is also an excellent music organizer that allows you to restore, back up, rebuild, or export the music downloaded into the iTunes library. Additionally, iMusic supports burning CDs and playing music through the software’s built-in player.

4.     SDownloader


  • It has a high downloading speed
  • You can use SDownload to download sound cloud and iTunes music


  • Sometimes, the software glitches for no reason, and the download stops.

The SDownloader was made specifically for Sound Cloud, which is the most popular website and app for listening to audio tracks. Sound Clouds does not have the option to download songs. However, now you can download them using SDownloader. Once you install this program, the download option will automatically begin to appear on SoundCloud. The software can be downloaded, or you can install the extension on your browser. Furthermore, you could also add iTunes songs and download them free of charge.


5.     MP3 Rocket


  • MP3 Rocket helps download music fast and securely
  • It offers music minimum of 256kbps bitrate
  • Music can be played while downloading


  • A fee is charged for unlimited downloads
  • Most likely to be infected by Adware

It is a free MP3 music downloader available for PC. You can get MP3 music files directly or convert them to mp3 from video. The interface is user-friendly and flexible. For music covered under the Creative Commons license, you must download them via official music sites like SoundCloud or Jamendo. A major drawback of MP3 Rocket software is that you must purchase the premium plan to get better quality and features.

6.     Pymaxe


  • The speed of download of Pymaxe is quite good
  • The user interface of Pymaxe is superb
  • The software is built on the cross-platform, so you can download it free of charge.
  • The software is safe to trust
  • You can download unlimited MP3 music and video clips.


  • You can view the download history of this tool

Pymaxe is a downloading software for the windows 10 operating system. With this software, you can download MP3 songs as well as mp4 video clips. People generally are concerned with the possibility of malware; however, Pymaxe guarantees no risk. It is malware-free and safe, which means it will not affect your system.


The downloaders mentioned above are simple to use and host nearly all old and new songs. Let’s hope that you find a downloader that suits your needs, and you can enjoy quality music offline for free.