Books have such power that they can separate readers from their complex social relationships and take them to a land that promises peace or excitement. From the sure ups and downs of classic stories like Pride and Prejudice to the horror that pervades the 1984 novel, they all profoundly affect the readers’ psyche. The question is, where do we start if we have not yet read the books? What books are must-reads during our lifetime? Perhaps we first need to find a list of popular must-read books.

This article presents a summary of 5 selected world books, which also explains their background, content, and framework. For example, Brave New Worlds, Hamlet, Lord of the Rings, Think and Grow Rich, and Divine Comedy have been shown in the form and framework of their expression.

Several titles of world-renowned and must-read books are presented in various essay examples for students. However, this essay introduces five popular books based on critics’ views.

  • Brave New World

“Brave New World” is a science fiction novel by English author and philosopher Aldous Huxley. In a 1958 essay entitled “Brave New World Revisited,” he traced the events of the past 26 years, claiming that human civilization was moving much faster than he had predicted.

So, what about brave new world summary? The events in the popular book take place in the year 2540 in London. Huxley depicts a utopia in which genetic engineering has led to the creation of humans with predetermined characteristics. However, all human progress has gone hand in hand with turning this utopia into a ruined city that is questioned only by the story’s main character. This story manipulates the political system that rules the world in the form of essay examples.

  • Hamlet’s play

In 1602, William Shakespeare created one of the masterpieces of dramatic literature. It has been staged in many films and theaters around the world. In this novel, he tells the story of Hamlet, a Danish prince who returns to his palace after traveling to Germany to attend his father’s funeral. No one knows how his father died, and he is still searching for information.

This play is at the top of the most famous novels in history and is very popular. This play is a source of education for many students in different fields and levels in universities and colleges.

  • Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings can be considered one of the world’s most famous works of fantasy literature. In this book, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien creates fictional characters, each with unique characteristics.

The book is full of surprises and adventures, and its epic story inspires students. Other essay examples also present many Lord of the Rings novels’ cinematic, visual, and content contexts.

  • Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich is perhaps one of the world’s first books on self-exploration and success. Napoleon Hill wrote the book in 1937 when most countries’ economies had entered an unprecedented recession, and people had no hope or motivation.

Napoleon Hill interviewed successful people after leaving college part-time. This has been his greatest achievement and the secret to success in his working life. Think and Grow Rich has several chapters, including thought, passion, faith, the subconscious, and organized planning. Various authors have divided this book into related short books, each of which inspires students at different universities.

  • Dante’s Divine Comedy

Dante Alighieri, the famous Italian writer and poet, created one of the best poems in dramatic literature, telling the story of his journey to hell and heaven. The Divine Comedy consists of three books: Hell – Purgatory – Heaven. The main focus of the story of the divine comedy is the journey of a man (Dante) towards God and how he passes through hell, reaches purgatory, and continues his way to heaven.

Dante talks about the animals he sees in the forest and then describes his journey to hell. Dante Alighieri’s goal in hell is to learn everything there is to know about sin. Dante represents a constantly learning person whose spiritual transformation is a central theme throughout the system. In different universities, many essay examples have talked about the in-depth meanings of this book.


Books are one of the oldest parts of civilized human life. We have all read various stories from the lives of real and imaginary characters throughout our lives. Even if some readers are not very interested in books, they can’t ignore their undeniable impact on culture, civilization, and entertainment.

The suggested list in this essay examples is based on the collective opinions of world-renowned literary critics. Although some popular books are not on this list, this list contains fascinating, in-depth books full of important and human concepts, each of which has a high place in literature.