For many students taking online exams, it can be a completely new and confusing experience. They aren’t sure what to expect, and they’re not sure of the techniques and skills that will allow them to achieve their highest performance.

On a positive note, some of the procedures they’d follow to pass an online test are very similar to the steps they’d take while preparing for a class test. Online testing IBPS RRB Clerk mock test 2022 does bring certain distinctions that merit an extra level of awareness and planning.

How Should You Prepare For The Test?

Avoid problems that arise at the last minute! If you’re using your laptop or an educational setting, ensure that it’s equipped with the appropriate equipment and software before the exam. Additionally, ensure that you’re in a place with a reliable Internet connection.

You must be able to answer these questions: Will the exam occurs at a certain time and date, or are you able to take the test anytime within a certain period? What time do you need to take to pass the test? Are you able to take the test from home, or do you have to be at the location you choose (e.g., a campus computing lab)? Are there other crucial, “need to know” aspects outlined by the instructor?

What kinds of questions will the instructor use on the exam–multiple-choice, fill-in, short answer, essay? Block all notifications from IM and your phone or email and other sources (or make them silent). Switch off the radio and TV. Tell your roommates and family to be aware that you’re taking tests, so your family members are less likely to interrupt you in this period.

What Should You Do During The Examination?

Concentrate! You might want to create an alarm that will inform you of the time limit (e.g., 10 minutes) to go in your test time. Troubles with the software? Don’t panic. However, notify your instructor as soon as you can, providing the exact issue and any error messages you may have received. If you have an image of your screen, it can be useful.

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You only need to complete the test once. If you are having issues, then try again. If you are still having issues submitting the test, inform your instructor as soon as possible and provide your answers as one attachment to a document.

Things to Do After the Exam

Did your strategies for studying work? Did your strategy to take the test online go well? Note down your experiences, and be sure to keep them in mind to use the next test. What do you think you passed? What questions did you find confusing?

Did you have to skim any of the questions? Go back to your notes and your readings and see if you can discover the answers to questions that stumped you. Exams with written answers can take longer for your instructors to grade. Take time to get the score you earned.

Summing Up

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