If you are new to making resin jewelry, you may not know much about resin molds, so here’s the scoop! These molds make casting resin into jewelry pieces quick and easy; all you have to do is prepare your mold with mold release and then pour in your liquid resin to set it! Here are some tips to help you get started with resin molds today.

Resin Molds - The Basics You Need to Know
Resin Molds – The Basics You Need to Know

Why Do I Need Resin? 

Transparent resin has been used in jewelry, keychains, tables, and other decorative industries for hundreds of years. Today, it’s often incorporated into big commercial projects like restaurants and departmental stores.

Where Can I Buy Materials?

There are many DIY epoxy jewelry resin molds out there, ranging from silicon cake molds and other flexible materials, but you can’t beat commercial buyers for quality and flexibility. Many online retailers carry a range of products; if you want to buy resin molds in bulk, try Alibaba or DHGate. If you want something more customized, check out Etsy (or your local equivalent). Resin is pretty easy to find at craft stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby; just be sure that it says epoxy resin on the package (the brand doesn’t matter as much).

Silicone VS Epoxy?

There are two types of molds you can buy, and each has its pros and cons. Silicone resin molds are great for intricate designs, allow for more creativity in design, and come in different colors. Their biggest drawback is that they’re less durable than other options. 

Epoxy resin molds provide more durability but don’t allow for as many customization color options or design choices.

When Should I Use Vibrant Colors?

Vibrant colors are perfect for resin molds in a non-commercial environment. However, if you choose to use vivid colors in your resin mold tables, we recommend using less than five per design. Otherwise, they may not look as good.

Vibrant colors can specifically be used for glossy resin mold gift items for special events like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Children’s parties, or Birthday celebrations.

How Much Will It Cost Me to Start?

Resin mold costs vary depending on size and detail, so to get an accurate estimate of what your final costs will be, it’s best to contact a local supplier. However, to give a rough estimate, their prices for small jewelry bracelets can start from $1.99, and large designer resin tables can go up to $8000 and beyond.


Kitchen resin molds are a great way to introduce your favorite desserts to a gathering. Using it, you can turn your favorite candies or food items into DIY epoxy resin-made art pieces that you can serve on your party tables. Make sure that you get transparent epoxy resin for it because this would allow you to see what’s inside them. Plus, with clear resin molds, it would make an even better impression. These are just some of the many uses for these magnificent things called resin art molds—be creative!