If youwant to start a career as a software developer or computer programmer, the sheer number of available programming languages may confuse you and make you question which one to study.

computer programmer
computer programmer

While several programming languages are advantageous for producing different sorts of code, the C programming language is likely the most general and effective. Indeed, knowing C may assist you throughout your professional career by reducing the process of learning different programming languages in the future.

Doing a C programming tutorial can help you learn everything you need to know to start a career in this field.

We will define C programming in this article and the top C tutorials available to learn C programming.

What does C programming entail?

C is a flexible and widely used programming language that may be utilised in a wide variety of applications and technologies. It may be used to develop operating system code, as well as far more complicated applications and anything in between.

C programming

Its simplicity and versatility are primarily due to its ability to run independently of machines, which has helped in its development as one of the industry’s core programming languages.

Acquiring a working knowledge of C will assist you in learning a variety of other programming languages that borrow features and syntax from C, such as Java and C++.

What is the appeal of C programming?

C is a very efficient programming language that was designed originally for the development of operating systems. It is equipped with a slew of features that make it extremely flexible and simple to use.It features low-level memory access, a simple and clean design, and a small collection of keywords. The source code generated in C for one operating system can be used efficiently on another operating system without modification.

Though C was originally designed as a programming language for UNIX operating systems, it currently has a large number of compilers that enable it to be used on practically any physical platform or operating system.

When the programming language was first gaining popularity, the American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, determined that a commercial standard for it was essential. Since then, the International Standards Organization has also accepted it, and it is now occasionally referred to as “ANSI C.”

The average salary of a developer who knows multiple programming languages is Rs. 503105.

multiple programming languages

Excellent CoursesOn C Language

  1. LearnVern

If you’re an ambitious C programmer looking for the most up-to-date online training and interested in taking a free course or enrolling in a full-fledged programme.

LearnVern’sC programming course in Hindi covers all of the fundamentals of C, including:

  • Variables
  • Loops
  • Arrays

Acquire the abilities necessary to advance your profession and discover all you need to know. The C programming course is simple to follow and will teach you how to write programmes using C. You will receive a Skill India Certificate from NSDC upon completion. Industry specialists will walk you through the process of developing programmes step by step!

Key USPs:

  • Excellent course for those with no prior familiarity with C.
  • Learn basic to intermediate C features, including pointers.
  • Numerous programming activities to help you hone your programming abilities.
  • This is a very strong programming language that enables you to grasp how the computer works internally and improve your memory management skills.
  • Lessons are made more enjoyable and understandable with the use of interactive code examples.
  1. Codingblocks

If you wish to address complicated issues with the use of efficient programming, this c language course is for you. This course will teach you how to methodically construct algorithms and how to implement them using the C programming language.

Before working with the system and memory management, become acquainted with the language’s principles and debugging techniques. You will be prepared to seek a job in software development after finishing this course.

Key USPs:

  • Each idea is covered in detail in each of the four sections of this series.
  • The purpose of this course is to establish the fundamental principles of C and to give enough opportunity for hands-on practice.
  • The professors are some of the most well-known figures in their respective fields. As this is a basic level curriculum, it is suitable for pupils with no prior experience.
  1. Guvi

This platform offers a series of six courses ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced. You can either finish all of the training in order or pick the one that best matches your expertise level.

Additionally, there are classes dedicated to honing your coding abilities. After completing these foundational programmes, you may want to continue with lectures on the usage of C in embedded applications in order to combine your expertise and create IoT solutions.


  • The course is quite well-designed and includes pertinent examples and demos.
  • Each concept is accompanied by a sample code that demonstrates the outcome.
  • You may practice the questions included in the exercises and code clinics.
  • The lectures offer step-by-step directions for completing the tasks.
  1. Gitconnected

If you are new to programming and want to land that job, this programme will assist you. The videos, which are primarily geared at novices, cover all of the fundamental ideas from the ground up.

Begin with basic programmes and progress to more complicated ones. After completing the sessions, you will be prepared to study more advanced languages and successfully answer technical questions during interviews.


  • All critical C principles are discussed in detail, along with commonly asked questions about programming job descriptions.
  • Numerous tasks to reinforce knowledge and dispel coding difficulties.
  • Significant subjects like storage classes, recursion, pointers, and dynamic allocations are thoroughly explained with appropriate examples.
  1. Besant Technologies

This professional certificate programme, which consists of seven courses, is meant to teach you how to develop, understand, and debug C programmes.

No software is necessary to follow along with the lectures, and you can immediately begin studying with the offered coding tools. Develop your programming abilities by completing guided exercises and detailed assignments. With a well-developed curriculum and relevant tasks, it’s easy to understand why this programme is so highly sought after.


  • The courses will walk you through the fundamentals of this vital language.
  • Create programmes to solve problems and debug your code – Interpret, analyse and implement critical computer methods to gain a better understanding of real-world problems.


career in C programming

While it is simple to master the fundamentals of C, you will need to be an expert to develop a successful career in C programming. C programming is broad and is largely used to construct operating systems and network drivers.Additionally, it finds use in the development of other programming languages.

You may search for available openings in C programming on the job search platforms. This will offer you an idea of the types of abilities, credentials, and experience that companies often seek in a candidate. Knowing C qualifies you to work in a wide variety of sectors. Almost every organisation that is involved in programming or software development need the expertise of a C programmer. Additionally, you will come across employment advertisements seeking a C programmer.

Despite the introduction of a slew of new programming languages, the C programming language remains in great demand. Due to the breadth of its applications, C offers several options for developing a successful programming career.