2 weeks’ notice is standard practice when resigning from a job. If you have an employment contract or union agreement that states how much notice you should give, abide by it. If not, two weeks’ notice is appropriate, but not required. If your employer asks you to stay longer than two weeks (or the time period in your contract) you can choose to do so, but you have no obligation to stay unless you have an employment contract that stipulates otherwise.

Also, your employer does not have to accept your two weeks’ notice (unless it’s in your contract) and can end your employment immediately. This does happen, so be prepared to leave your job as soon as you give notice. Make sure that you have all the information you need from your work computer and any other information you want to take with you, ready to go.

2 Weeks Notice

If you have decided to resign from your job, it is customary to provide your employer with two weeks’ notice. Whatever your reason for leaving, two weeks gives an employer enough time to come up with plans to cover your absence. For example, an employer might need time to hire someone to fill the position, or they might need time to reassign your tasks to other employees. Company policies differ, and some employers will request that you leave immediately upon receiving your resignation.

Most, however, will appreciate you staying on for a couple of weeks to help with the transition. This can be beneficial to you as well, offering you the opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism and to leave the job on a positive note. Read below for tips on how to write a resignation letter in which you provide your employer with two weeks’ notice. Then read sample resignation letters and a sample resignation email.

How To Write A 2 Weeks Notice

  • Use Business Letter Format: Use a business letter format so that your letter looks professional. At the top of your letter, include your contact information, the date, and your employer’s contact information.
  • State the Date: The most important thing you need to say in your letter is when you will be leaving the company. You can either state the specific date you will leave, or say that you are leaving two weeks from the current date.
  • Keep It Short: You don’t need to include any more information than the fact you are leaving and when your last day of work will be.
  • Consider Saying Thank You: If you wish, you can also include a thank you for the opportunity provided and the experience you gained while working with the company.
  • Be Positive: As with all resignation letters, brevity is advantageous and it’s best to avoid mentioning anything negative about your employer or co-workers. Maintain professionalism with everyone, always. You never know whose path may cross yours in the future.
  • Offer to Help: Consider offering to help with the transition process. You might offer something specific such as helping to train a new employee or you can just offer your general help.
  • Send the Letter to the Right People: Send this letter to both your employer and to your human resources (HR) office, so that HR has a copy on file.
  • Consider a Resignation Email: You can also send a resignation email message rather than a formal letter. The content of the email will be similar to a letter. In the subject line of the email, include your name and the word “resignation.”
  • Read Letter Samples: To help you write your own letter, check out a few resignation letter samples or resignation email samples, depending on how you plan to send your message. Edit the samples to fit your personal circumstances.

2 Weeks Notice Letter

A good formal resignation letter with two weeks’ notice must stay positive. You could just say, “Consider this my two weeks’ notice,” and be done with it.

But remember your goal. You want that old boss to think highly of you.

Follow the sample resignation letter template below to do it right.

[Your Contact Info]

[The Date]

[Your Boss’ Contact Info]

Dear [Boss’ Name],

[State that you’re resigning, and when.]

[Say something positive about the job.]

[Offer to help make a smooth transition.]


[Your Signature]

Your Typed Name

2 Weeks Notice Template

The two (2) weeks notice resignation letter is the most common letter used when notifying an employer of an official resignation. Giving your employer two (2) weeks notice is standard practice as in most cases it provides them enough to find a suitable replacement while ensuring that your position remains filled during the hiring process. You might find that after giving your notice, your employer may request that you leave directly thereafter, thus not allowing you the two (2) weeks to continue working. Therefore, you should be sure that your finances are in order before giving your notice so that you’re not in dire straits in the event of a premature departure.

How to Use the Notice

Whether the separation is for good or bad reasons, it’s best to always remain cordial and polite when resigning from a position. When quitting, the employer may not act in a positive manner. The quitting individual should remain poised and try to offer their services to train any replacement during the notice period.

Stay Professional

While it might be tempting to gush, settle scores, or otherwise write something informal, the best resignation letters stick to the script. It is fine to express gratitude and share basic details about future plans, but resist the urge to make this letter anything more than a notification of departure.

The Resignation Letter is not an appropriate venue for airing grievances.

State reasons for resignation

Without going into too much detail, explain the reasons for leaving. Does it have to do with workplace issues, pay, benefits, or other facets of the current job? Has a family issue or other logistical matter forced a move? Perhaps a better opportunity has just arisen?

Work two more weeks

Stick to the plan set out in the letter. Working through the end of the two-week notice period will help to ensure a hassle-free transition and preserve relationships with current coworkers.

End on good terms

Ending on good terms is both the right thing to do and good strategic practice. Though leaving is a job is as normal as beginning one a natural part of the working cycle it does not have to be tense or fractious. In the best case, current coworkers might serve as future references or professional contacts. It’s a small world, so try not to burn any bridges.

How to Write (Format)

For the most part, a two (2) weeks notice resignation letter should be simple and, more importantly, professional. The only thing your employer needs to know officially is when your last date will be. Other than that, you can include some details regarding the reason behind your resignation, so long as you do so in a positive way; when quitting, it’s never a good idea bring up any negative sentiments or opinions you may have with your employer which could result in them giving you a bad reference.


A typical header for a two (2) weeks notice resignation letter should include your contact information, the date, and the contact information of the addressee.

Example Header

Mike Daniels
91 Johnson Road
Cloverdale, NJ 07003
(555) 555-5555
[email protected]

March 2, 2017

Stuart Cohen
Kitchener Manager
Classic Bar & Grill
723 Fairmount Pl.
Cloverdale, NJ 07003

Dear Mr. Cohen,

2 Weeks Notice Template
2 Weeks Notice Template


The body of your letter will need to state the final date in which you’re able to work. Depending on your circumstance, you might also like to include some details regarding the factors that lead to your decision to leave. It is also common, but not required, to thank your employer for the job opportunity so that you leave on a generally positive note.

Example Body

This letter is meant to serve as notice of my resignation from Classic Bar & Grill, effective March 16, 2017.

Working under your mentorship these past few years has taught me a great deal. I only hope that I can take the same work ethic you’ve displayed and applied it to my next career opportunity. I appreciate everything that you and the rest of the management team have done for me, it has helped me grow as an employee and as a person.

If there is anything I can do over the next two weeks to make this transition period smoother, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Mike Daniels

Delivering the Letter

When delivering your letter, in most cases, you should personally hand it to upper-management. However, certain scenarios may call for an email or mailed resignation letter instead. Regardless of how you end up delivering the letter, you should do it as professionally as possible to ensure a positive reference.

2 Weeks Notice Sample

Nancy Jones
545 Mason St.
New York, NY 10012
(555) 555-5555
[email protected]

February 22, 2017

Clare Huxtable
Marketing Manager
Main Images Marketing
999 Lackner Blvd.
New York, NY 10022

Dear Mrs. Huxtable,

I am writing this letter to inform you of my resignation as Marketing Analyst of Main Images Marketing. My last day of employment will be March 7, 2017.

A job opportunity has been presented to me, one that I feel is much more suited to my skill set. I believe it would be in my best interest to pursue this opportunity and take on this new challenge. I appreciate the level of professionalism and consideration you have shown me throughout the years and I would like to thank you for the investment you’ve made in my professional career.

If there is any way I can assist in the effort of finding a fitting replacement, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Nancy Jones

2 Weeks Notice Example

Roger Michaels
555 Main Street
Boston, MA 01059
(123) 123-1234
[email protected]

December 1, 2017

Aeisha Edwards
Cafe Chic
321 Machester Blvd.
Boston, MA 01055

Dear Ms. Edwards,

I am writing to announce my resignation as Barista of Cafe Chic, effective two weeks from today (December 14, 2017).

It has been quite an experience getting to know yourself and the other baristas at Cafe Chic. However, I have taken a management position at a newly opened restaurant downtown. This new position will allow me to further develop my skills in the field as well as provide myself with more financial stability.

I know this notice comes at an inopportune time as the holidays draw near. That’s why I want to offer my services in any way possible over the next two weeks to not only find a replacement but also to make sure the Cafe runs as smoothly as possible while I make my transition out. Feel free to schedule me for more hours if needed, or less if the situation calls for it.

Thank you for the employment opportunity. Please give my best wishes to the rest of the staff.

Yours truly,

Roger Michaels

Do You Legally Have To Give 2 Weeks Notice?

There Are No Federal Or State Laws That Require An Employee To Provide Two Weeks’ Notice To His Or Her Employer Before Quitting. In Spite Of There Not Being A Legal Requirement, Some Employers May Have Company Policies Requiring Their Employees To Give Two Weeks’ Notice.

How Do You Put In Your Two Week Notice?

How To Write A Simple Two Weeks Notice Letter
Start By Including Your Name, Date, Address, And Subject Line.
State Your Resignation.
Include The Date Of Your Last Day.
Provide A Brief Reason Of Resignation (Optional)
Add A Statement Of Gratitude.
Wrap-up With Next Steps.
Close With Your Signature.

Does Two Weeks Notice Include The Day You Give Notice?

Two Weeks Is Two Weeks – 14 Days From The Date On The Notice. These Are Not Business Days. So – If You Give It On Monday The 2Nd, The End Date Is Monday The 16Th.

Is A Two Week Notice 10 Or 14 Days?

Typically, Two Weeks Notice Means 10 Business Days, And You Can Give It Any Time During The Week That You Want. However, Be Aware That Employers Can Handle This However They Want; Your Boss Is Free To Tell You That They Don’t Need You To Work The Full Two Weeks And Your Last Day Will Be This Friday Or Even Today.

Can You Use Vacation Time For 2 Weeks Notice?

In General, It’s Not Uncommon To Have A Rule That Says Employees Can’t Use Vacation Time During Their Final Weeks After Giving Notice. The Idea Is That Employers Don’t Want Someone To Give Two Weeks Notice And Then Take Most Of That Time Off They Want Them At Work Wrapping Up Their Projects.