There are no ideal professions. And often our idea of ​​the representatives of a particular sphere is either strongly idealized or too biased. Remember how in childhood, when it seemed to us that the happiest person is an ice cream seller: he can eat his favorite product as much as he wants.

However, some, even becoming adults, do not always understand in detail what certain specialists are doing. Today we will shed light on one of these secrets and examine the pros and cons of working as a real estate agent. Indeed, today this profession is in demand, and many people are wondering: why not try yourself in this industry. The pros we are going to mention in this article about this profession will definitely influence you for Starting a Career in Real Estate.

Let’s dive in!

Who are realtors?

As any search resource will explain to us, these are real estate specialists. But the laconic formulation does not give an idea of ​​what we are actually doing. Let’s try to figure it out with an example. Let’s say a person comes with a desire to buy housing. It is enough for him to describe how he imagines his future home – spacious or modest, in a quiet residential area or closer to the business locations of the city, Moscow or the Moscow region, in general, everything related to the various parameters of the home.

Further, our client does not need to do anything, as we take on all the work. You just need to choose from a number of options that we offer an apartment that meets his wishes. And, of course, take part in signing the sales contract and pay for the purchase. And everything else is our concern:

        We check the legal purity of the selected object,

        We control the prepayment,

        We ensure the availability of the documents required for the execution of the purchase and sale agreement,

        We organize a transaction – This includes ensuring the transfer of money, convenient and safe for the buyer and seller, drawing up and signing a purchase and sale agreement, state registration.

But our work does not end there, we accompany the client and further, under our control, the acceptance certificate of the purchased housing is signed, the keys are handed over, documents confirming the payment of utility bills, and registration at a new address.

It is much the same if you have a qualified rental agent working with you. The main thing, in any case, is to create the most comfortable conditions for the client and solve his housing problem in compliance with all the norms of the current legislation. Of course, such an approach requires, in addition to good professional training, a lot of effort, time, and nerves.

Is it worth working as a realtor?

There is a strong belief that almost every real estate specialist is practically a potential millionaire.

Probably, this myth is based on the idea that when carrying out transactions with such an expensive product as apartments, especially in the capital region, you can always keep a particularly profitable option for yourself. Probably, this is partly to blame for our mentality: what can we hide, in the old days borrowing from the place of work was widely practiced – manufactured products, stationery, edible …

Working as a Realtor – the Pros

A significant advantage – you are free to plan your working day on your own. With the right approach, there will be time for yourself.

Do you want to receive a decent salary? No question, earn as much as you can, and the result will depend only on you.

Do you like to move around a lot? Great, Moscow and the Moscow region are at your service, it is likely that during the day you will have time to visit both the capital and the suburbs.

You won’t have to sit out the prescribed eight hours in the office. Remember when you decide what time to start and finish your work?

Constant new acquaintances, among which there will be many interesting and useful ones. After all, in addition to clients, you will meet a lot of people.

Every day you visit a variety of places, communicate with colleagues and contractors, so you are guaranteed to constantly get new impressions.

It is vitally important for you to systematically acquire new knowledge, work on yourself, polish certain qualities. This is directly related to the success of your professional activity.

Your age or previous skills are not fundamentally important: you can experience what it is like to work as a realtor, the pros and cons are inevitable in any case.