Defending a term paper is an important stage in a student’s life, summing up the semester. In 99% of cases, coursework is given on specialized subjects that may be somehow related to a student’s future career. For many students, coursework forms the basis for writing their thesis. So keep in mind that coursework is an important paper and you should not procrastinate with it, because if it is not handed in on time, the consequences can be very different. What kind of consequences? This is what we will talk about today.

How scary is it not to hand over the term paper?

Almost all institutions of higher education failing to pass a term paper consider the same: not passing the work – you get admission to the exam or credit, depending on the discipline, which provided for this final paper. Regardless of the institution, if you do not hand over coursework on time, you get an academic debt.

What to do if the teacher rejects the coursework?

Before we start discussing the issue, it is worth outlining the reasons why there are problems with the coursework:

  • the work is not completely finished.
  • most of the work is done but is not complete.
  • the work is ready, but the teacher refuses to accept it.

The first two cases are quite obvious: you either use the essay writing service or make an agreement with the teacher and urgently complete the paper. The sooner you can fill the gap, the less nervous you will be. This is the only way you will get admission to the exam or credit.

But the third case is much more complex and challenging. There can be many reasons why the teacher does not accept the paper:

  • the paper is far from the specified topic.
  • a low percentage of uniqueness.
  • paperwork does not meet the standards, etc.

How to write a perfect term paper?

  • explore all the requirements for the design of the term paper by the standard.
  • discuss the paper with your teacher, find out what he or she wants to see in it, and fulfill his or her wishes.
  • get rid of plagiarism by raising the uniqueness of your paper.

Is it possible to hand over the coursework later?

It is possible if you cannot attend an educational institution for a serious reason and have a document to prove it. The official reasons include illness, being out of the city, the death of a relative, and so on.

In rare cases, it happens that the defense of coursework is allowed a few days. This is possible if coursework is checked by several groups at once. In such cases, you will have the opportunity not only to complete but even to write from scratch. Unfortunately, this practice is rare, and most often term papers are handed in groups.

“Will I get dropped if I fail my coursework?”

If you do not have any other academic debts, there is no need to worry. Most colleges only expel students if they have more than three debts. 

But there are some universities, the charter of which says that even one academic debt can lead to expulsion. Be aware of this when you apply for admission, and read the regulations carefully.

Is it possible to complete coursework without defending it?

It is necessary not only to write a term paper but also to defend it by speaking in front of teachers and answering their questions. 

Unfortunately, it is impossible to get a grade on a term paper without a defense. If you cannot appear on the day of the defense, there is an option to arrange with the dean’s office and set a date of individual defense. Fear of performance is not a valid reason to postpone the defense.

What to do if you fail to defend a term paper?

And the final aspect that should be mentioned: the cases when the student completed everything but did not cope with the defense. Unfortunately, this happens quite often, but there is nothing wrong with it.

If you fail to defend your paper, it will only become your academic debt. All you need to do: take into account all the comments and mistakes that your professors pointed out to you, correct them, at the same time contact the dean’s office to set a date for a retake. Sometimes this issue can be resolved with your academic advisor, who is often happy to meet the student’s needs.