At first glance, the answer to the question of what is self-development is obvious and is to improve the necessary skills for their own development. However, without understanding the mechanisms and causes of self-development it will be difficult to organize the process and achieve results.

What is self-development and why its important for students
What is self-development and why its important for students

The modern paradigm is such that it often associates self-development with personal success, and this in turn with business and money. However, this approach does not take into account the different needs of people and traps many. In our article we will tell you what self-development is, what it consists of, how to engage in it and what can help along the way.

The concept of self-development

What is self-development? First and foremost, it is a constant work on yourself, improving your personality, improving your qualities. To achieve success in life, a person must focus on the main goals and desires. To achieve them, you need to constantly learn something new, unknown before, to get the right information. All this includes the process of self-development. So, if you have a lot of boring homework, you can use chemistry homework help and focus on something that interests you more. Self-development and self-improvement will help to get out of such deplorable situations as dissatisfaction with yourself and your life, uncertainty about the future, regular failures and failures.

In the process of self-development is actually not as simple as it seems at first glance. Any goals and dreams can become reality, if the work on himself brings sincere pleasure. And, of course, you have to work all the time and have a great desire to change your destiny and change yourself for the better.

When a person chooses a profession, self-improvement is very important to him. In this case there is also a need for professional self-development. When a person is hired, the professional qualities of the person are of great importance. But, nevertheless, the employer makes the final decision after examining the level of self-development of the potential employee. It is this characteristic that will show how promising a person is for the organization. And everything else can be taught in the process of work.

Factors delaying self-development

Most people go with the flow and live for today, not thinking that you can and should change. Such people are “canned,” retaining old skills and habits without thinking about acquiring new ones.

Why does this happen? Here are the most common reasons:

  • Laziness

Because of it you do not read books. You do not do sports. You do not go to exhibitions and museums. You don’t meet like-minded people because there are no interests left. Think about how many opportunities you are missing because of laziness!

  • Stereotypes

The modern world allows you to make decisions for you to your environment. Namely: what you wear, what to eat, how to properly love or hate, and even how to think. Your own thoughts and emotions are relegated to the back burner.

  • The devaluation of learning

Unfortunately, many people see learning as a process imposed by parents and society. They believe that they “exhausted” in school, then in college or university, and that’s the end of their education. Why does this happen? Most likely, in childhood and adolescence there were some failures, defeats.

In this regard, with learning became associated with trouble, injustice. But it’s not like that at all! In the present you can choose what you want yourself, whether it’s computer graphics courses or learning to knit. You no longer owe anyone anything, everything is up to you.

  • Fear of failure

Many of us have the well-established misconception that if we fail once, the rest of our attempts will also fail. This is a very harmful attitude. Most celebrities have also failed before achieving success.

  • The False Limit of Achievement

Many people think that everything they could have achieved has already happened. They are already well, comfortable and do not need anything else. Therefore, it is not worth it to go out of their comfort zone and change something. Maybe so, if you are 90 years old, and you are a deep pensioner. The fact is that such an attitude harbors the usual complexes. How does such a person think? “If change is required, then there is something wrong with me! So I will not change anything. But how will the people around you treat such an “ideal canned food”?

Components of self-development

So, the process of self-development is carried out mainly in order to meet human needs. There are different ways, methods and directions of work on yourself. The main vectors are several:

  • Physical. A man improves his body, physical strength, flexibility, endurance.
  • Physiological. This is development of his health. The body gets healthier in all directions: cardiovascular system, nervous system, digestion, sexual sphere, etc. improves.
  • Mental. In this case, a person improves his abilities, skills and abilities through emotional work, mental work, imagination and empathy. The personality develops while receiving new sensations, knowledge, new experiences.
  • Social. Improving social skills helps professional growth, communicative abilities allow for advancement into the upper social strata. Relationships between people improve, authority and position in society increase.
  • Spiritual. In this direction, the person is engaged in self-knowledge, looking for the meaning of life and its purpose in life. A man is constantly striving to improve his moral and ethical plan, trying to discover his potential. He wants to understand the essence of creation and takes responsibility for all the events.
  • Intellectual. This is a direction in which a person improves his thinking abilities, acquiring new qualities and skills, getting information, improving literacy and learning new areas of knowledge.
  • Professional. A person develops in his specialty, improving and improving his skills and qualities. He strives to learn new work directions, various technologies, and regularly improves his qualifications.

We can say that the need for self-improvement is a spiritual sphere of our life. However, this is not entirely true, and this need can manifest itself in completely different areas. The conditions for self-development depend on the person himself, which direction he will choose. The most interesting thing is that, to some extent, everyone is engaged in self-development. He just does not think about it and does not go into the details of this activity.